Bible talks from February 2021

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God is a saving God


God is a saving God | Isaiah 54.1-56.8 what will the future be like God saves the unsavable (Is. 54) God pours out his heart (Is. 55) God can even save you (Is. 56) ping back from Jesus

A kingdom of righteous living


a kingdom of righteous living | Matthew 5.20-48 confessions of a want-to-be lawyer a new age of surpassing righteousness  (5.20) examples of surpassing righteousness (5.21-47) peace (5.21-26) purity (5.27-32) truth (5.33-37) mercy (5.38-42) love (5.43-47) from little things big things grow! a kingdom of righteous living (5.48) pursuing the best confessing the least

John 3.1-21 You must be born again


John 3:1-21  You must be born again 1. False entry into the kingdom (3:1-2) 2. True entry into the kingdom (3:2-15) Entry by being born again Entry by the Spirit Entry by the Son 3. Stark implications of entry into the kingdom (3:16-21)

Comfort from a suffering saviour


comfort from a suffering saviour | Isaiah 52.13-53.12  stories of suffering saviours a servant’s purpose (52.13-53.3) the servant did it for us (53.4-9)  God planned it (53.4-12) the ping back from Jesus