Our training Academy is an important part of us growing followers of Jesus.
Each year we offer various subjects to help grow our knowledge and love of the Lord God and to help make us more effective as his disciples.

The academy will gradually offer 16 subjects with 4 levels of achievement:-
Bronze award = 4 subjects. Silver award = 8 subjects. Gold award = 12 subjects.
Platinum award = 16 subjects i.e. all of them!

The list of subjects are as follows:-

Foundations 1 Foundations 2 Skills 1 Skills 2
Reading, understanding and obeying the Bible Gospel shaped living Sunday skills Teaching the Bible
Introduction to theology The cross of Christ Evangelism (& follow up) Pastoral care
Biblical theology The Bible & Guidance Growth group skills Christian Leadership
Prayer Mission and the sovereignty of God Apologetics Kids ministry
Christian worship

Subjects can be completed in any order.

For more information contact our Training Academy Coordinator, Paul Sheely.