2 Samuel

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A hope-filled


a hope-filled | 2 Samuel 23-24 a story of hope a hope-filled king (ch 23.1-7) hopeful people (ch 23.8-39) hope for all the people (ch 24)

A victorious king


a victorious king | 2 Samuel 20-22 a game of survivor a king survives in a world of chaos (ch 20-21) a troublemaker (ch 20) a short supply (ch 21.1-14) a contest (ch 21.15-22) the surviving king is victorious (ch 22) a victory song of praise the humble survive some unfinished business following the victorious […]

A resurrected king


2 Samuel 14-19 | a resurrected king hubris… 1. a betrayed king David Jesus Us   2. a scorned king David Jesus Us   3. a resurrected king David Jesus Us

A taking king


2 Samuel 11-13 | a taking king a poor man had a lamb… justice demands judgement our sense of justice has a blind spot mercy trumps justice

A King With No Rivals


2 Samuel 8-10 chess … a winning king (2 Samuel 8) a kind king (2 Samuel 9-10) receiving his kindness (ch 9) despising his kindness (ch 10) a king with no rivals The discussion questions may be downloaded … here

A Shepherd King


2 Samuel 2-5 | a shepherd king guardians… 1. the fall of the house of Saul (2 Samuel 2-4) 2. one shepherd for all God’s people (2 Samuel 5) 3. the good shepherd (John 10.14-18)   Discussion questions can be downloaded … here