What to expect at APC

Albury Presbyterian Churches currently consists of 5 churches that meet each Sunday across three locations. You can find out more about each of our churches here. Each of our church meetings includes all the essential things you might expect at church, like

  • hearing God’s word read from the Bible
  • listening to an  encouraging message that seeks to explain how we should respond
  • spending time in prayer, and singing some songs in worship and praise
  • meeting a few new friends

But there are many other things that we hope will help make your visit to church special. For example…

You will be greeted at the church entrance and offered a service sheet that will usually contain some information for church members as well as some information about the service you are about to participate in. Please ask the greeters any questions you may have.

Our gathering places have plenty of seating and are friendly to children, so feel free to sit anywhere.

During the gathering, a collection of money usually takes place to fund the ministry of the church both here and in our community. If you’re visiting, please don’t feel obliged to contribute. However, our regular members and those who know God’s goodness to us, find this is a great way to share his blessings.

During the gathering, you will get to know members of the church who lead the service and make announcements. Please don’t hesitate to approach them afterward – they’ll be very happy to answer any questions.

Afterward, each of our churches offers some kind of refreshment. Please join us for either morning tea or supper or even lunch or dinner.

And if you have enjoyed gathering with us on Sunday, why not check out some of the other activities we get together for during the week. Being part of the family of God can be so much more than just meeting once on Sunday!