1. Breaking The Silence Basic training

All leaders, and those working with children and young people, require Breaking the Silence training.

More information about this training can be found HERE.

Basic training is to be completed before a person commences in a position of authority and is applicable to ministers, elders, ministry leaders and Bible study leaders, as well as those working with children or young people. Once completed, the full basic training course is to be completed again every three years.

We continue to encourage church based groups training together as we find that people learn safe ministry best by discussing together.  However, we know that this is not always possible and so the Basic Training is also now offered in an online form.

a) You can access BTS Online Training HERE

b) Once you’ve completed the on line training please complete this form [PDF] & give to your pastor for signing & storage.

  1. Working With Children Check

All leaders, and those working directly with children and young people, require a current Working with Children Check verified by the Conduct Protocol Unit (CPU) of the Presbyterian Church of NSW. If you work in NSW, you can apply for a Working with Children Check here.

  1.  Registration with Conduct Protocol Unit

Once you have received your WWCC number fill out the registration form available HERE.

This completed registration form is to be sent to to Courtney Chan along with your clearance letter (email cchan@pcnsw.org.au or PO Box 2196, Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012).