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Discussion questions

The following set of downloads provide discussion questions that relate to our bible talks. These are written primarily for use within our weekly growth groups before the Bible talk is heard on Sunday but can also be used by individuals.

Church@nine and morningchurch

  John 21.1-25
Growth Group Study for the Bible Talk on 15 April

  John 20.19-31
Growth Group Study for Bible Talk on 8th April

for the Bible Talk on Apr 1

  morningchurch weekend away booklet
for weekend away March 2018

  John 18.28-19.16 "a kingdom out of this world"
Growth Group Study for the Bible talk on 25 Mar

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Nightchurch and Fresh Start

  I'm a decent person - won't I be fine?
For Bible talk on 15th Apr '18

  Can we really trust the Bible?
For Bible talk on 8th Apr '18

  If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?
For Bible talk on 1st Apr '18

  Hebrews 11
For the Bible talk on March 25, 2018

  Daniel review
For the Bible talk on March 18, 2018

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