Our current vision statement was prayerfully developed by our elders in 2018 and presented to our congregations in September 2018. We encourage you to be praying towards this vision as together we seek to grow followers of Jesus

APC 2022 vision

Recognising humbly that as we labour, it is God who gives the growth:-

By the end of 2022 APC will plant a 6th church and employ a 6th pastor.

This will be enabled by:-

  • employing a 5th pastor by the end of 2020
  • developing and implementing  a property strategy (5 years & beyond) to meet the challenge of church gatherings
  • developing and implementing network, governance and staffing strategies.
    • eg. creating an admin support position to the network focussing on coordination of cross churches ministries and events.

Our previous vision statement adopted in 2014 and graciously answered by the Lord for the sake of his glory:-

Recognising humbly that as we labour, it is God who gives the growth:
By the end of 2017, we will have employed a fourth pastor and planted a fifth church in Thurgoona.