David Powell

morningchurch Pastor
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David is married to Melisa and they have 2 sons, Aaron and Michael.

The Powell family has been in Albury since the beginning of 2007.  Before that they lived in Glenwood and Harris Park while studying at the Presbyterian Theological Centre.

David enjoys his family, good coffee, fine food and his vegie garden.

David is the pastor of morningchurch.

Paul Sheely

nightchurch & fresh start church Pastor
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Paul is married to Margie and they have 5 kids and 1 dog.

The Sheely family has been in Albury since the beginning of 2010.  Before that they lived in Dubbo for 15 years.

Paul enjoys loud guitars, family movie nights and watching football (the round ball world game type!).

Paul is the pastor of nightchurch and fresh start church.

Mike Wong

church@nine Pastor
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The Wong family joined us in 2013. Mike and Kara have four children, 3 boys and one girl.

Mike loves to watch and play sport and to catch up with friends and family for a good meal. Mike appreciates time to read, watch movies and, if on holidays, go fishing.

Mike is the pastor of church@nine.