Bible talks by Anthony Johnston

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The church of Christ is rich in Christ


the church of Christ is rich in Christ 1 Corinthians 1.1-9 the church of Christ (vv1-3) focus on Christ find identity in Christ belong to Christ call on Christ is rich in Christ (vv4-9) given grace in Christ secure in Christ for fellowship with Christ



Jude 1.1-25 carnal corrupters    called contenders   capable keeper   The capable Keeper, keeps contenders for Jesus, and keeps corrupters for judgement

Crunch Time


The book of Joel 1. A time for repentance. a. calamity: who can endure (1.1-2.11) b. compassion: grace means escape (2.12-17) 2. A time for salvation. a. provision for then (2.18-27) b. promise for later (2.28-32) 3. Time’s up! a. judgement is final (3.1-16a) b. joy is forever (3.16b-21)