Bible talks by Anthony Johnston

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Sovereign God


Sovereign God | Romans 1.16-21 and 8.28-30 king … of silkworms?? 1. the God who SHARES himself and his plans his power and glory 2. the God who SAVES sentencing truth suppressors saving truth sharers 3. the God who SUCCEEDS no losses tireless for those who love him your loved king?

The church of Christ is rich in Christ


the church of Christ is rich in Christ 1 Corinthians 1.1-9 the church of Christ (vv1-3) focus on Christ find identity in Christ belong to Christ call on Christ is rich in Christ (vv4-9) given grace in Christ secure in Christ for fellowship with Christ



Jude 1.1-25 carnal corrupters    called contenders   capable keeper   The capable Keeper, keeps contenders for Jesus, and keeps corrupters for judgement

Crunch Time


The book of Joel 1. A time for repentance. a. calamity: who can endure (1.1-2.11) b. compassion: grace means escape (2.12-17) 2. A time for salvation. a. provision for then (2.18-27) b. promise for later (2.28-32) 3. Time’s up! a. judgement is final (3.1-16a) b. joy is forever (3.16b-21)