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The faith of the centurion


Luke 7.1-10 | the faith of the centurion  when were you last amazed?   the faith of the Jewish leaders   the faith of the centurion   the faith that is amazing

Mary’s song


Luke 1.39-56 Mary’s song Mary and Elizabeth: objects of favour (vv39-45)   Mary’s song: the extraordinary acts of God everyday (vv46-56)  

Peace and Glory


peace and glory | Luke 2.11-14 a different kind of Christmas? glory to God (v11-12)   peace on earth (v13-14)   so next Christmas….

Good Friday … #Why?


Luke 23:32-43 the prayer of the son (v32-34) not a self-serving, self-saving king (v35-39) the king whose death is not deserved (v40) the prayer of the son is answered (v42-43) Click to here download the script of this message