2 Peter

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God’s Future Word


2 Peter 3.1-18 God’s Future Word Doomsday prepping 1. Start by looking back 2. Now, look forward 3. Meanwhile, stay grounded Guard and Grow

God’s Word Opposed


2 Peter 2.1-22 God’s Word Opposed Unreal TV 1. A spotters guide to false teaching a. message b. method c. motives d. morals 2. Why false teaching is dangerous a. enticing b. destiny 3. God’s got it sorted 4. How to we guard ourselves? a. know the truth b. don’t be greedy c. evidence of […]

God’s Saving Word


2 Peter 1.1-21 God’s Saving Word Great words to hear Context 1. Gospel 2. Response 3. Authority God’s saving word