Bible talks from August 2023

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God IS


God is! | 2 Timothy 3.10-4.5 1. a conviction to hold – God is! | Gen 1.1a 2. a competent answer – How do we know that God is? Creation speaks of the Creator – Romans 1 God has spoken through his prophets – Hebrews 1 God has spoken through his Son – Hebrews 1 […]

Clothed in Christ, Romans 13.1-14


Romans 13.1-14 “Clothed in Christ” The importance of clothing Clothed in obedience (v1-7) Clothed in Love (v8-10) Clothed in armour of light (v11-13) Prepped for mission – clothed in Christ (v14)

Tremble before God | Romans 11.1-36


Tremble before God  |  Romans 11.1-36 a fiery mountain Where in the world are we? 1. God is gracious (11.1-16) 2. God is faithful (11.17-32) 3. God is glorious (11.33-36) Prepped for mission a. no-one is beyond God’s reach b. making Israel jealous c. tremble before God