Bible talks from March 2023

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Romans 4.1-25 What is faith? 


Romans 4.1-25 What is faith? It can’t be that easy, can it? 1. We can’t earn salvation 2. So, what is faith anyway? 3. Therefore, trust Jesus Prepared for gospel mission  

Romans 1.18-2.11 “Two Ways to Live” 


Romans 1.18-2.11 “Two Ways to Live” Planks and Specks 1. a gentile speck 2. a jewish plank 3. two ways to live 4. planks and specks for us a. Sexual ethics b. Pride c. God can be trusted Planks and Specks  

Romans 1.1-17 | Building on Jesus


Romans 1.1-17 | Building on Jesus Proper foundations Built on God’s promises (1.1-7) Built on Gospel Partnership (1.8-15) Built on Gospel Power (1.16-17) Prepared for mission  Obey Jesus Gospel teams Know the Gospel’s power Proper foundations