Bible talks from June 2022

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The Gospel is true


Acts 23.23-26.32 “The Gospel is true” truth up for grabs 1. truth on trial a. Felix vs the Resurrection b. Festus vs truth c. Agrippa vs God’s promises 2. truth in action a. the truth will set you free b. hold on to God’s promises gospel truth (26.30-32)

In the footsteps of Jesus


Acts 21.1-23.35 “In the footsteps of Jesus” a life of imitating… 1. In the footsteps of Jesus then a. Dying for Jesus i. I must finish the task ii. I’m ready to die b. Sent by Jesus c. Hope in Jesus i. resurrection ii. take courage 2. In the footsteps of Jesus now a. single […]

God’s word is powerful


Acts 19.1-20.38 “God’s word is powerful” given power where are we? 1. Hello Ephesus  a. preaching repentance repentance and power Goodbye Ephesus  a. no hesitation the whole will of God God’s word opposed In the hands of God what will you do with the power of God’s word?

God’s word works


Acts 15.36-18.28 “God’s word works” two kinds of people context a gospel journey     a disagreement     Phillipi     Thessalonica and Berea     Athens     Corinth   a gospel journey of our own hospitality     a reasonable gospel     God’s word works