Bible talks from April 2022

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The faith of the centurion


Luke 7.1-10 | the faith of the centurion  when were you last amazed?   the faith of the Jewish leaders   the faith of the centurion   the faith that is amazing

Good Friday, 2022


Mark 15: 1-39  –  Good Friday, 2022 why call Good Friday ‘good’ ?!? A bad day for Israel and Rome. A bad day for Jesus. A good day for the world! A good day for you?

The end of the last days 


Revelation 20-22 | the end of the last days    the end of the last days and the second death (Revelation 21.1-10)   the end of the last days and the book of life (Revelation 20.11-22.6)   living in the light of the end (Revelation 22.7-21)

Justice in the last days


Revelation 15-19 | justice in the last days 1. God’s wrath (Revelation 15-16) 2. God’s wrath is just and true (Revelation 17-19) 3. God’s wrath is complete (Revelation 17-19) Justice or mercy?