Bible talks from November 2021

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wisdom trusts


Proverbs 3.1-10 wisdom trusts too trusting?   trust is active (3.1-10)   trust is now and not yet (3.1-10)     wisdom trusts in the Lord (3.5-6, Hebrews 12.1-3) ​ not trusting enough?

wisdom helps


Proverbs 2 wisdom helps Did you read the instructions????? God’s grace (2.1-11) if (vv1-4) then (vv5, 9) why? (vv6-8, 10-11) ask, seek, knock (Matthew 7.7-12) God’s salvation (2.12-22) from (vv12-19) wayward wicked wayward seduction for (vv20-22) broad or narrow (Matthew 7.13-14)

wisdom warns


Proverbs 1.8-33 wisdom warns sin’s snare (vv8-19) wisdom warns (v20-31) the wayward and the way (v32-33, Matthew 16.21-28)