Bible talks from October 2021

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God’s people protected


Acts 15.1-35 God’s people protected a cultural misunderstanding… forgetting grace (vv1-5) explaining grace (vv6-12) applying grace (vv13-35) God’s people protected

God’s mission protected


Acts 11.19-12.24 God’s mission protected the joy of gardening   God’s mission noticed (11.19-30)   God’s mission protected (12.1-19a)   God’s mission spreads (12.19b-24)   how’s your garden?

God’s mission breaks out


Acts 9.32-11.18 God’s mission breaks out Good news for a few?   God’s mission confirmed(9.32-43)   God’s mission breaks out (10.1-48)   God’s mission recognised (11.1-18)   one Gospel for all people. Praise God!

The great rest


Hebrews 3.1-4.13 the great rest 4 words   a call to faithfulness(3.1-6)   an example of unfaithfulness (3.7-19)   a promise of great rest (4.1-13)