Bible talks from September 2021

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The Great Saviour


Hebrews 2.5-18 the great Saviour the best and the worst    the great man (2.5-9)   the great Saviour (2.10-18) perfect pioneer family destroyer liberator priest helper

Risk and reward


Matthew 16.21-28 risk and reward How much would you risk?    the beginning of risk and reward   risk and reward according to Jesus   risk and reward – now and not yet   risking it all for Jesus

Glory and the gospel


1 Thessalonians 2: glory and the gospel ‘bound for glory’ the glory of God (Exodus 14) the glory of Jesus (John’s gospel) glory and the gospel (1 Thessalonians 2) ‘bound for glory’

Joy for the journey


Hebrews 12.1-24 joy for the journey joy vs happiness the beginning of joy   the joy of Jesus   our joy   for the joy set before him