Bible talks from July 2021

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Not Fake News


Galatians 1.10-24 not fake news crying wolf…   not about people (vv10)   all about Jesus (vv11-20)   real good news (vv21-24)   the key to a life following Jesus…

The Great Salvation


Hebrews 1:5-2.4 The Great Salvation drifting 1. angels? real spirits mysterious messengers 2. Jesus is better than angels exalted Son eternal King majestic conqueror 3. Jesus ‘message is better than the angels’ the message spoken by angels? the message spoken by the Lord? pay more careful attention



Hebrews 1.1-4 the GREAT Son  a brief word of encouragement God has spoken to us by his Son appointed heir of all things through whom the universe was made the radiance of God’s glory sustaining all things sat down at the right hand superior to the angels a brief word of encouragement