Bible talks from March 2021

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God’s kingdom restored


Isaiah 65.1-66.24 | God’s kingdom restored a vision of the end God won’t destroy (65.1-16) God will rebuild (65.17-66.2a) God will send a son (66.2b-24) Ping back from Jesus

A kingdom of sincerity


a kingdom of sincerity | Matthew 6.1-18 The Bucket family! Whose approval do I crave? Where is my reward? sincerity & secrecy (6.1-6, 16-18) not hypocrites (v1) o giving (v2) o praying (v5) o fasting (v16) the Father sees (v3-4, 6, 17-18) secrecy safeguards sincerity sincerity & simplicity (6.7-13) not pagan (v7-8) ‘how’ to pray […]

God to the rescue


God to the rescue | Isaiah 60.1-64.12 building a bridge God will restore (Is. 60.1-22) God will rescue (Is. 61.1-62.12) How can I be saved? (Is. 63.1-64.12) ping back from Jesus

Should God give in


should God give in | Isaiah 56.9-59.21 what choice would you make? should God relent? (Is. 56.9-57.13) God will heal (Is. 57.14-58.14) God will achieve justice (Is. 59.1-21) ping back from Jesus