Bible talks from January 2021

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The saving word of God’s kingdom


the saving word of God’s kingdom | Isaiah 50.1-52.13 Do you feel like God could use you? Context   The servant speaks (50.1-11)   God speaks (51.1-52.3)   We speak (52.4-12) Ping back from Jesus

John 1.19-51 – The Great Announcement!


John 1:19-51  The Great Announcement! momentous news… 1. the testimony of John (1.19–34)  Is 40 2. the testimony of others   (1.35 – 42)   3. the testimony of Jesus    (1.43 – 51) Genesis 28 our testimony?

A kingdom of speaking and doing


a kingdom of speaking and doing | Matthew 5.11-16 patterns we conform to…   followers of King Jesus persevere in the face of persecution as salty witnesses and bright lights for Jesus because great is our reward in heaven   persecuted like previous prophets (5.11-12)   admit it’s hard willing to be weird prepared for […]

Our Home


our home | Psalm 84 I still call Australia home! longing for home (v1-4) journeying home (v5-12) our home Matthew 3.17 John 14.1-3 John 14.23 home!

A kingdom of blessing


a kingdom of blessing | Matthew 5.1-12 I want it all and I want it now! a speaking King (v1-2) a blessed people (v3-12) a kingdom of blessing (v3-12) delayed gratification



Jude 1.1-25 carnal corrupters    called contenders   capable keeper   The capable Keeper, keeps contenders for Jesus, and keeps corrupters for judgement