Bible talks from December 2020

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Peace and Glory


peace and glory | Luke 2.11-14 a different kind of Christmas? glory to God (v11-12)   peace on earth (v13-14)   so next Christmas….



refreshment | Acts 3.17-26 are you able to rest this Christmas? refreshment needs repentance (v17-20)   waiting for refreshment (v21-24)   refreshment is ours by faith (v24-26)   so this Christmas….

Draw Near


draw near | Hebrews 10.19-25   I __________ Christmas!    context   real truth (v19-21)   real action (v22-25)   so this is Christmas…    

Our deepest need!


Our deepest need! | Micah 5.1-15 I __________ Christmas!    we need a saving son (v1-3)   we need peace (v4-9)   we’ll get a judge (v10-15)   Our deepest need is Jesus Matthew 2.1-6 So this is Christmas…