Bible talks from November 2020

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arrival! | John 1.1-14 I __________ Christmas!  what is advent? Jesus creates (v1-4)   Jesus reveals (v5-9)   Jesus is good news for us (v10-13)   Jesus has arrived (v14) So this is Christmas…

A Mission of Grace


a mission of grace | Numbers 21 the greatest gifts for Christmas…  a long and difficult year a long and difficult journey look up and live (Numbers 21.4-9) a long and difficult life look up and live forever (John 3) a long and ___________? eternity the greatest gift is Christmas

A Mission of Faith


a mission of faith | Numbers 20 superstitions… physical water (20.1-13) needy people speak to the rock a lack of faith the rock is Christ  1 Corinthians 10.1-6 living water (John ch 4 & 7) a needy person speak to ‘the rock’ a saving faith  take God at his word take the word of God  

Nehemiah 7-8 Joy


Nehemiah 7-8 Joy 1. a story of the Word of the LORD & joy the Word proclaimed (8.1-8)   the Word celebrated (8.9-12)   the Word obeyed (8.13-18)   2. lessons on the Word of the LORD & joy the sower the soils the blessing

A Priestly Mission


a priestly mission | Numbers 15-19 community life (ch 15) thankful obedient sin? Hebrews 10.26-31 the work of the one and only (ch 16-17) unique perpetual fulfilled Hebrews 4-10; 10.11-14 the work of the many (ch 18-19) a priesthood given to the priest John 17.6-9 a priesthood whose inheritance is the Lord John 17.10-11 a priesthood who take […]

Mission Promises


mission promises | Numbers 13-14 be afraid, be very afraid the fear of big people (ch 13.1-14.4) the fear of God (ch 14.5-45) God is bigger Matt 10.28 God is better Matt 10.29-31 Trust and Obey Matt 10.32-33 have no fear…