It’s been a challenging 18 months, as COVID restrictions have fractured and isolated our nation, our churches and the lives of so many. States borders close regularly, shutting off friends and families from one another. 

And we’re living at a time when society is fracturing in other ways as well: loneliness, identity politics, not to mention increasing pressure on many Christians.

In response to all this, TGCA is holding it’s first ever live-streamed national conference in mid October, exploring what it means to be entrusted with gospel in these fracturing times.

Our vision is to do something that’s never been done before: gather believers from every corner of Australia, from across denominations and movements.

And come together in the unity we have in the Lord Jesus Christ, exploring what it means to advance the gospel in times such as ours: A time of isolation. A time of fracturing. 

Don’t miss this unique event, as we gather with many Christians from across Australia.

Contact Paul Sheely for registration details.  Discounted fees available before Sept 1.