We have a great opportunity during our Carols for our Community event to talk to people about Christmas and, where possible, lead conversations into discussions about Jesus and the gospel.

In order to be well prepared for these opportunities, we are offering a free training session on Saturday December 5th, 2-4pm at 402 Wagga Rd.

This training will be tailored to suit the experience and needs of those who attend, however will be primarily focused on training gospel conversationalists for our Carols event. This is highly useful training for all Christians everywhere who want to be better at growing followers of Jesus.

We will look at what the Bible has to say to us about Gospel conversations, then hear the stories and insights of some who have had experience with this before, and most importantly to spend some significant time praying together for the event, for the people who will be coming and for the conversations we will have.

If you plan to come to this training, please leave your name and details below.