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SURVEY: 2023 morningchurch Weekend Away

by Intechrity Admin

Hi all Morning Church, We are planning an exciting Weekend Out at Thurgoona Country Club or similar local venue. We will have Joseph Park talking to us on Courageous Love. Joseph is only available for two weekends this year. So we want to see which weekend suits most people best. Both weekends are at the […]

Congregational meeting update

by Cade Whitbourn

At the congregational meeting we agreed unanimously to call Mike Wong to be ordained and inducted as a minister within APC.  Thank you to those who came to the meeting.  Its very important that all members of APC who agree with the call now sign the call before its presented to presbytery on Feb 9 for final approval. Please […]

India Training Trip

by India Team

The team has its last meeting for the year tonight, where we will aim to finalise all our preparations. We will meet again on February 6, the week before we leave, and there will be a commissioning at APC that afternoon. We appreciate your prayers for us and the training.

Is Jonah real?

by Mike Wong

In an age of scepticism, you might ask ‘Is Jonah real? Was he actually swallowed by a large fish?’ It’s a complex issue! This section from Old Testament Survey helps us think through the historicity of Jonah. Interpretation – Is Jonah real?

Jonah series overview

by Mike Wong

An overview of our series on the book of Jonah including some helpful resources. Jonah Series Overview

Women meeting Jesus

by Paul Sheely

Come and enjoy a time of teaching and encouragement from God’s Word and fellowship with the women across our 3 churches. We’ll be watching talks from the Sydney Equip Women’s Conference 2013 Talks from the Gospel of Luke Cost: $5 (at the door) includes morning tea and lunch RSVP by 13/7/14 Kara, Melisa or Margie

A guide to giving

by Paul Sheely

Would you like some guidance in thinking wisely about how to give your money away? That’s the aim of a brand new training paper available here.    

Tim Keller speaking to New York reporters

by Mike Wong

Timothy Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York, met with reporters from the major newspapers of New York who asked him why people would ever bother going to church or considering Christianity or listening to him preach. These were his answers: In Christ you get a meaning in life that suffering can’t take away […]

Miroslav Volf on Soft Difference

by Mike Wong

Following on from the sermon on Revelation 15-19, Soft Difference by Miroslav Volf helps us to think through being Christians in the world. Volf anchors our difference in being born again. Here’s an excerpt: ‘Christians are the insiders who have diverted from their culture by being born again. They are by definition those who are not […]