Bible talk series

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Mission in action (again!)

by Paul Sheely

Starting Sunday May 4, we jump back into the book of Acts to discover what the risen & ascended Jesus continued to do & teach through his disciples. May 4    Acts 4.32-5.1    mission of grace & fear May 11   Acts 6.1-8.1       mission martyrdom May 18  Acts 8     […]

Making sense of wealth: Money talks

by Paul Sheely

As follow up to the recent Bible talk, “Making sense of wealth”, you might like to listen to some other talks on money that Paul gave back in 2010. Here are the links:- Money Talks #1 – Blessing Money Talks #2 – Idolatry Money Talks #3 – Contentment Money Talks #4 – Generosity

Revelation preaching series

by Cade Whitbourn

Starting September 15. The Book of Revelation is the epic, mind-blowing, visual block-buster of the Bible. God opens the door and reveals reality! Through stunning imagery, we see what is really going on, in heaven and on earth. Come and be moved in worship, challenged about compromise, and strengthened to persevere.

August-Sept preaching series

by Cade Whitbourn

The world, and life in the world can be very confusing & confronting & challenging. Our hope & confidence as Christians is in the sovereignty of the Lord God. This is the lesson of the prophets Habakkuk & Haggai. Aug 4 Habakkuk 1.1-2.1 astonishing sovereignty Aug 11 Habakkuk 2 woeful sovereignty Aug 18 Habakkuk 3.1.19 […]