Written by Mike.

Hi everyone!

Just a short post to let you know that we’ve started our journey home. Here’s our itinerary in brief.

  • Left on a bus from Vijayawada at 11am. Lots of fun with an electronic mosquito swatter. Arrived at Hyderabad airport 6pm.
  • We said goodbye to our faithful guide and bodyguard, RJ. Roy has also left us for some time with friends then time with family. Elyse and Ross will leave us soon for some sight-seeing in Delhi.
  • The rest of us are catching a 11pm flight to Singapore.
  • We will spend the whole day in Singapore on Sunday. We will probably take the free tour of the city before catching a 8:40pm flight to Sydney.
  • We arrive in Sydney at 7:40am on Monday. We might hit the inner west of Sydney for lunch, or maybe the city.
  • Our flight to Albury is 3:30pm, arriving back at 4:45pm.

In short, we’ll be travelling for over 2 days, we’ll sleep on two planes, and we might not get a shower for that whole time!

Home soon!

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