Written by Ross


Today was an early start compared to yesterday – 7:15 for breakfast, then 8 o’clock for a briefing. We were ready in the lobby to be picked up at 8:30 where we found out that the pastors hadn’t even started breakfast yet. So it wasn’t as early a start as we had planned.

The day started with Helen sharing her encouraging testimony, where she spoke about how Jesus is the perfect friend. Followed by Norm’s talk, where he explained that the King Israel wanted was ultimately fulfilled through King Jesus.

We noticed that this week’s group is a bit more serious than last week’s so we thought we would try breaking down some barriers by singing “Father Abraham” (It also relates to the material we were teaching!). I think they enjoyed it and I’m sure it was helpful for them to see Pastor George letting his hair down a bit.

We had lectures and discussion groups which were a very encouraging time where we continued to dig into God’s word, and build relationships.

We’re now past the halfway point of our second week here with only 4 units remaining. We’ve finished looking at the Old Testament and tomorrow we’re moving onto the New Testament. It will be exciting to explain further about how Jesus is the fulfilment of the entire Old Testament.

Having curry three times a day has become a bit much for us, so once again we decided to have Chinese for dinner. But this time with a side of French fries and tomato sauce!

Please pray that the team will have enough energy for the next two days of teaching as we’re all getting a bit weary.

Pray for the Pastors and Women: that they will continue to see the big picture of the Bible and gain some valuable knowledge that they can use back home.

Father Abraham IMG_4836 Photo on 24-02-2016 at 4.57 PM #3 IMG_4846