By Keith Wiencke
Our day started once again with breakfast. Today for me it was a happy meal (see picture below). Then a team briefing to preview units 7, 8 & 9 and prayer before we set off through the amazing Indian traffic to the training centre. It’s a pleasant 10 minute journey.
Adele shared her testimony with loving enthusiasm and I followed with a short bible talk from Jeremiah ch 31, although nothing is really short when you add on the translation which more than doubles the time. I have found it a blessing to learn more about the new covenant as it is such a key promise in the Bible story. We are privileged that we live after Jesus has fulfilled the new covenant and has written it in our hearts. He makes it possible to trust and follow Him with the help of the Holy Spirit.
We are developing special relationships with the pastors in our discussion groups. I have been trying to learn the names of my group members and link them to their faces. Tomorrow we will be sad to say goodbye. We hope and pray that they will go back to their towns and villages with more knowledge of the Bible and are better equipped to teach in their churches.
We gained some appreciation of the challenges of this culture. One of the IGL pastors who is assisting with the coordination of the training told us about a ministry where he would rescue abandoned babies and place them into Christian homes. He said that these children would then have the opportunity to grow up into Christian faith. He told how he has a ‘God Gift’ (a gift from God). He has a daughter given to him by a hospital.
Today most of our team joined in with their singing and dancing, even Pastor George and Pastor Mike! Just before we left for the day, we joyfully performed ‘Jesus is the King’, complete with actions. They were delighted and joined in with the actions and lots of them took photos and videos. It was wonderful to share with each of them in this way.
Prayer Points:
  • We give thanks to God for keeping us all in good health
  • Please pray that the Indian pastors can recall enough for their exam today.
  • Pray that they will travel safely back to their towns and villages.
  • Please pray that God will powerfully use them to spread the good news of Jesus.

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