By Ross Wiencke.
Last night we landed in Hyderabad at 10pm local time (which is 3:30am Sydney time). We met Pastor Benny and Pastor Samson, piled into a bus and experienced Indian traffic. It was chaotic to say the least. Four people crammed on a motorbike was not an uncommon sight.
45 minutes later we arrived at our hotel, checked in and crashed for the night.
This morning I woke up, looked out the window and saw India in the daylight for the first time.
It was a shock for me. The dirt, the rubbish, and the unfinished buildings (probably never to be finished).
We had Indian for breakfast and Adele was the first one on the trip to be sick. She recovered quickly, praise God!
We spent another 45 minutes in Indian traffic driving to pastor Samson’s church where we were welcomed with honour. We didn’t understand half of what was said but it was still a very encouraging time of fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters in India.
Mike preached and Roy gave his testimony with the help of translators. It was great!
After church we drove all the way back to the airport where we flew to Vizag.
Our first impressions of Vizag is it’s not as busy as Hyderabad, and the traffic isn’t as hectic.
We had some delicious Indian food for dinner, and Helen said she has never eaten something that spicy before.
We’re settled in and ready for a busy week of teaching.
Here are some prayer points:
  • Thank God for the encouraging time we spent with our brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Pray that Pastor Samson’s church will remain faithful to the word
  • Pray for the regional pastors conference tomorrow
  • Continued health and safety of the team