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Congregational meeting update

by Cade Whitbourn

At the congregational meeting we agreed unanimously to call Mike Wong to be ordained and inducted as a minister within APC.  Thank you to those who came to the meeting.  Its very important that all members of APC who agree with the call now sign the call before its presented to presbytery on Feb 9 for final approval. Please […]

No one comes to the Father except through me

by Cade Whitbourn

In Northern Iraq, under ISIS rule, it’s a crime to be a Christian.  Followers of Jesus are forced to convert to Islam, pay an unaffordable tax or face death. Thousands have fled their homes.  In Vietnam, Christians are persecuted by the Communist government. Whilst religious freedom is legally permitted, meetings are closely monitored, publications are […]

Church library

by Cade Whitbourn

APC’s church library has been re-launched. The library will be open after church services on Sundays. You may like to read one of the books that has been recommended by the pastors during the year. We will be using a new computerised system, so please be patient as we get used to this. Find out […]

Welcome Gibb Family

by Cade Whitbourn

We welcome Angus, Stephanie and Eamon Gibb to Albury Presbyterian Churches. Angus is a student at the Presbyterian College (Christ College Sydney) and is here for a month long placement as part of his studies (January 2016).