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Congregational meeting recap

by Cade Whitbourn

It was a great meeting on Tuesday night!  Thanks for the encouragement of those who came along.  Mike opened up the Bible for us reminding us that in growing followers of Jesus God wants fruit not leaves (John 15).  Cade encouraged us by giving a quick summary with photos of lots of exciting gospel ministry […]

Carols for our Community

by Cade Whitbourn

Carols for our Community is a FREE community event, with something for everyone! 6PM Sausage sizzle Pony rides Bouncy castles Face painting 7PM Carol singing Puppet show 8.15PM Sensational supper Find out more on the website Carols for our Community or view the event on Facebook

Are you linkedin with the boss of the universe?

by Cade Whitbourn

Omniscience means ‘all knowing’. You can usually find it in sentences describing God – not a social media company. But over the years people have been regularly mystified at LinkedIn’s ability to know who their friends and acquaintances are. It’s creepy. If you aren’t a member then you’ve probably received apparently personal email invitations from […]

Christianity Explored

by Cade Whitbourn

We run Christianity Explored courses throughout the year. Contact us to find out about the next course, or visit the Christianity Explored website to find out more.

Albury high school Special Religious Education (SRE)

by Cade Whitbourn

SRE in our high schools needs our financial and prayer support. Luke Bartholomew (nightchurch) teaches SRE at Murray, James Fallon and Albury High Schools. This is a vital ministry that encourages students to question, explore and discover the basics of the Christian faith based on the Bible. Luke is employed through the Albury Christian Education Association but depends […]