The mission statement of APC is “growing followers of Jesus”.  Its the wonderful task that God has given us to do: to make new and growing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That’s something we all can play a part in as we look for opportunities to prayerfully share God’s word with others around us—whether Christian brothers and sisters, or non-Christians we know—in order to encourage them to take his word seriously and grow their faith in Jesus.

To help us in that task, APC has signed up to a new web site called has been set up to provide resources, ideas and encouragement for all of us in making disciples.

What this new subscription allows you to do is visit the web site any time, and find hundreds of good quality, biblically faithful resources.  Resources that up until now you would have had to pay for.  But because our church has paid for a subscription, there is no cost to you in accessing these resources.   It’s all free for you to use.

The resources are mostly in the form of PDF or Microsoft Word files that you can download to your computer or phone or tablet, or print out. There’s also lots of video material you can watch, some of which accompanies printed material, and some of which stands alone.

Contact your pastor to collect the special code that gives you access to these resources.  Please remember that the code is only to be used by members of APC and only for ministries within APC.

Once you have the code, follow the instructions & enjoy the resources, ideas & encouragement!