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Miroslav Volf on Soft Difference

by Mike Wong

Following on from the sermon on Revelation 15-19, Soft Difference by Miroslav Volf helps us to think through being Christians in the world. Volf anchors our difference in being born again. Here’s an excerpt: ‘Christians are the insiders who have diverted from their culture by being born again. They are by definition those who are not […]

Christianity Everyday: training in thought, word and deed

by Paul Sheely

A day to help you to live confidently as a Christian in God’s world by equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to respond, with a distinctly Christian point of view, to issues of public interest and concern. Saturday 12th April 2014, 10.00am-3.30pm at St Aidan’s, Coleman Street, Wagga Wagga. Further information and […]

by Paul Sheely

The mission statement of APC is “growing followers of Jesus”.  Its the wonderful task that God has given us to do: to make new and growing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s something we all can play a part in as we look for opportunities to prayerfully share God’s word with others around us—whether Christian […]

Church Planting- 2014 and beyond

by Paul Sheely

At our Celebration Sunday on March 9, 2014 the Session unveiled the plans for our next church plant together with our renewed vision statement. This Vision Paper is adapted from that address.